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DTS (Diakonian tutkimuksen seura)
is a Finnish Association for Research on Diaconia

It is an inter-disciplinary scientific association for promoting high-quality, phenomenon-based research on diaconia.

DTS organizes annually a one-day conference on current topics in diaconia. The theme for this year’s conference is Contextuality and Holistic Mission, and the conference takes place in Tampere 11th of November 2018. During the conference the association announces the receiver for the Sivellin award, granted annually for a distinguished thesis on the field of study of diaconia.

For more information please contact the chair of DTS, Dr. Esko Ryökäs, In regards of membership matters please contact Ms. Ilona Kontinen,

The association publishes the Journal for the Study of Diaconia, which is a biannually released, peer-reviewed journal. Languages of the journal are Finnish, Swedish and English. For articles in English please see e.g. issues 2/2011  and 3/2015 . The latest English issue of the Journal for the Study of Diaconia is available here.

For more information please contact editor-in-chief, professor Heikki Hiilamo: heikki.hiilamo(at)

Technical guidelines for the Journal in Diaconal Research in English can be accessed through the following link:

Diaconia Barometer 2018
Diaconia Barometer 2018 is the 10th successive barometer to map the opinions and experiences of diaconal workers. It complements the annual statistics published by the congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) and the four-year report published by the Church Research Institute. The focus of the surveys has varied over time to probe opinions on current issues. Thus, the barometers do not as such represent a continuum. However, the focus of all barometers has been consistently on the opinions and experiences of diaconal workers regarding the position of the underprivileged in Finland, and on the diaconal ministry of ELCF and the people it employs. The Diaconia Barometer is not an exhaustive representation of congregational diaconal work, but it does provide information that can not be found elsewhere. Data for this 10th Diaconia Barometer were collected in January–February 2018. The survey questionnaire was grouped according to five thematic topics including communications and making a difference, everyday diaconal work, diaconal work in the changing society, structures supporting diaconal work, and the importance of Christian faith for the diaconal workers as a community and as individuals. The survey was undertaken by the Finnish Association for Research on Diaconia, the Diaconal Workers’ Association, the ELCF Unit for Diaconal Work and Pastoral Care, and the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak). The Barometer comprises five research articles by deaconess Päivi Isomäki, deacon Johanna Lehmusmies, deacon Päivi Salojärvi and deacon Veera Wallenius. The published articles are part of their Master’s Degree Programme at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak).

Diaconia Barometer 2018 is available here