Faiths and Community Network, invitation by Diak and ReDi

Faiths and Community Network
Invitation to a Workshop
Järvenpää (Helsinki), 17th – 19th November 2015

The ReDi Faiths & Community Group, initiated by Diak, is in the process of formation and now invites researchers and teachers in higher education, as well as practitioners to a workshop in Helsinki.

The main purpose of the workshop is to identify key issues, relevant to Churches and Faith Based Organisations’ diaconal work and Christian social action in multi-religious communities. In order to develop deeper understanding of the context and relevant practice, multiple approaches from, for example, social sciences, theology and study of religion, media and communications, history and the humanities and from policy and practice are welcome.

It is the hope of the organisers that participants come with a short, descriptive paper, or an idea paper/proposal for research, to be focused on and discussed during the seminar. It is even advisable to bring ‘papers in progress’, to allow free and collegiate discussions.

The aim of the workshop process is to bring together people interested in this field, and to promote the production of articles together, (or to support individual writers by getting and giving feedback) or the development of new collaborative projects. During the three full days of the workshop, this way of working is also expected to result in the generation of workshop papers, which can be gathered in a proposed publication.

This is it – come with an idea, leave with many!

The workshop will also serve as the basis for the drafting of a thematic workshop for the international conference of ReDi (International Association for the Research and Study of Diaconia and Christian Social Practice), which will be held in Helsinki, 14th-17th September 2016. The organisers are encouraging the participants, on the basis of this prior meeting, to organise and contribute to a session on Faiths & Community at the conference and to support the development of the network in this field. Already some members of the network have developed a project on Religious Literacy.

To keep the costs low, and to enable Diak to claim some compensation for the organisational costs by the Ministry (a Finnish peculiarity), it is important that the participants support the schedule as follows: arrivals in the evening the 16th, and departures in the morning of the 20th of November. This gives a good three days for the work to be done, and gives the space to enjoy social events together.

The reduced cost will be just 220 euros Monday evening til Friday morning; four nights full board in a single room. The location is Järvenpää, 40 km from the centre of Helsinki, at the Finnish church conference centre.

Registration (maximum 20 participants) will open15th June, at and will close on 26th September. Applicants will be informed by 5th October if their application is successful. Further information will be made available on the registration page. But please contact Esko Kähkonen meanwhile if you need further information. Please also share your ideas with the organisers!


Faiths & Community group chair:
Esko Kähkönen

ReDi chairperson:
Tony Addy

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